Couple Buys Abandoned Church And Gives It An Unimaginable Transformation

We have all visited a special church, during a city trip through a new city or perhaps in our own country. Although we are not all religious, it is always very interesting to view an abandoned church from the 18th century. The history of such a large building is often surprising.


Although most of us would only look at it, not many people would think about living in such a church, right? This couple thought differently about that! Ian Bottomley and Sally Onions fell in love with the 18th-century old abandoned church and decided to buy it and then turn it into their dream home. The beautiful St. Nicholas Church in Kyloe (United Kingdom) is an impressive monumental Georgian building. This beautiful structure was built with special stones and had amazing features to be cherished, such as the painted windows and the remarkable west tower.

Ian and his wife Sally knew that this church was destined to be restored. “We were impressed by the environment,” says Ian. “Sally and I were looking for our first home together and enjoyed setting up an old parsonage. But renovating an old church seemed an even better plan. This plan was overwhelming, exciting and not to mention ambitious! You need vision and passion to implement this plan and that is what Ian and his partner had. Because Ian has a background in computer graphics, he was able to make a 3D model of the abandoned St. Nicholas church.


In this way he could easily map how the layout of the building would be. The living room would thus become the central point of the church and, as you can see in the photo, it worked out well. Because a church is quite large and bare, there are few rooms. Ian and Sally had to realize this themselves.


“In addition to the impressive large open living room and kitchen, we have built small, cozy rooms for daily use. We have built an extra small three-storey house in the church with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, extra kitchen and utility room, using structural steelwork at one end of the church, “From the bedroom you have a wide view over the surrounding garden of the church. This renovation required patience and vision. For 6 years Ian and Sally have worked hard to turn this abandoned church into their dream home.


They made sure that the ‘soul’ of the church was still there and they worked as much as possible to ensure that it became a cozy house. We saved the best for last … the bathroom! When you take a bath here, you imagine yourself in a fairy tale.


They have left the original stained glass, because it would be a shame to remove it. It really reflects the atmosphere of a centuries-old castle. The church looks beautiful again and I think many of us will be jealous.