Couple Buys New House, But Soon Hears Strange Noises Coming From Under The Bed

Horchoff had to be extremely careful when he opened the hatch. To be sure, he put on a special suit so that he would be protected from what he would encounter. With expertise, he managed to pull out what was under the bed and then put it on the table .. Nobody expected this!


When he put the object on the table it finally became clear what was going on. A bee colony had settled under the woman’s bed. They crawled into the foundation and the floor of the house through a narrow entrance. Because bees are protected animals, it was very important that the bees survived this rescue. Horchoff realized that saving these bees was also the perfect way to get free honey bees.


“The transition to a hive is very stressful for the bees,” Horchoff said. “But if they have their queen there, the transition is much easier.” After he cut the beehive into pieces and placed it safely in a box on the beekeeper’s premises, Horchoff released the queen, who quickly crawled to the center of the hive surrounded by her workers. Curious what that looked like? Check the video below!