She bought pebbles at Target for 3 euros and subsequently made this!

Did you know that you can make beautiful bathroom tiles out of cheep glass pebbles? An interior blogger created beautiful tiles for her bathroom as part of a Master Bathroom Makeover Challenge. She was at the end of the project, and had already worked on the oak wooden closets by painting them white. Now she needed something to finish the bathroom completely.

Time: 2 hours
Costs: €3
Difficulty: easy

When she took a good look around the garage, she came up with a brilliant idea. She took her cheap glass pebbles and divided them by size. (You can get these pebbles cheaply at the Action!) She played with the pattern until she found one that she liked and would fit nicely inside the room. She counted how many big and small pearls were needed for each part of the pattern and calculated how many she would need for each size. Check the result quickly on the next page!

She started using glass paint, but did not think it covered enough, so she chose a more powerful paint. She painted the glass pearls in a colour she loved.

After they were dried she used a hot glue gun, because that would give her some extra time to modify the pattern. To watch the complete tutorial and the finished project you can take a look at her website:

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