Woman buys 43 wooden pallets, you never believe what she made out of it!

Imagine: You are renovating your garden, but when a new garden set is not in your budget, you have to be creative with the resources you have. Look around you, go to the second hand shop or get inspired by Pinterest. There are enough ways to build something beautiful without having to spend a lot of money. For example, consider wooden pallets? Most people throw away wooden pallets or burn them during a cozy campfire.

However, the smart woman of this article decided to do something else with it. In total she has collected 43 wooden pallets for her gigantic plan! Her project took some sweat and tears, because she cleaned and sanded all 43 pallets with her own hands. It is useful to buy or rent a sanding machine for this task, because having to do this manually requires a lot of work. After this she also had to paint all 43 pallets in the right color.

She chose a natural white paint color, luckily she did have an automatic paint sprayer. This made it a lot faster. You could also rent this at a large hardware store. Because to paint 43 wooden pallets with a brush also takes forever! Then she allowed the pallets to dry for 24 hours. Are you already curious what the end result looks like? Then click to the next page!