She bought a cheap IKEA table and turned it into something special

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Admit it, we all love the cheap furniture from IKEA! And how nice is it if you can give it your own twist? I think it is fantastic to turn a boring piece of furniture into a beautiful showpiece! What do you think of the famous IKEA LACK table, for example? This table is for sale for only 6.99 euros and you can do a lot of creative things with it. The mother from the following article thought the same. She walked through the IKEA and looked for a nice gift for her son and then came up with the great idea of creating something herself. A personal gift often has more meaning than a standard gift. She wanted to make something that he could really use. When she saw this table, the idea came to her to make a chalk and craft table.

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Let’s start! Believe me, it’s really not that hard. And it is also super cheap, you can make this gift for less than twenty dollar. What do you need for this project?

– LACK table by IKEA (6.99)
– SOCKER jar from IKEA (0.99)
– A bucket of chalk paint
– A paint roller
– A pencil
– Different colored pieces of chalk
– A roll of paint tape
– A handsaw

Step 1. Make a circle
Once you have collected all materials you can start with step 1. Measure with a ruler where the center of the table is. Place the iron “SOCKER” pot in the middle of the table, and draw a circle around it with a pencil. Continue to the next page for step 2.

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