She bought a cheap IKEA table and turned it into something special

2. Saw the circle from the table
Saw the circle from the table with a handsaw. The “LACK” table is very thin and therefore easy to saw through, so be extra careful because you don’t want the table to break. If the table breaks, it is fortunately not expensive to buy a new one.

3. Paint the table

First stick the edges of the table with special paint tape to protect them from droplets of paint. Grab the bucket of chalk paint and go over the table with the paint roller until the paint covers everything. You can also apply several layers of paint if you still see ugly spots on the table.

4. Remove the paint tape
Carefully remove the paint tape from the edges and then let the table dry for a day. It would be a shame if you had a few fingerprints on it. On the other hand, that can also be a nice personal touch!

5. Place the pieces of colored crayons
When the table is dry you can hang the iron “SOCKER” jar in the middle of the table with the colored crayons in it. And that was it already, the chalk and craft table is ready to use! If you also give this as a gift, you can put a nice message on the table, such as “Congratulations” or “Have fun”. Make something beautiful of it! Was this explanation too fast? Or did you not understand something completely? Then watch the video below to go through all the steps again.