Cleaning lady is hired, but soon realizes that something is wrong …

Cleaning is a time-consuming job, and as a single mother, cleaning lady Cara often has trouble getting around from one week to the next. She earned hardly enough to sustain her family. She worked hard and did as much as she could to offer the future that her children deserved.


With dedication and discipline, Cara would work long hours, rarely take breaks, and she took any cleaning job that came by. But one day she got a cleaning job that would completely change her life .. One day Cara was sent to a home by a valued customer for cleaning. It was a huge house with many modern things in it, but Cara had no idea that the property was owned by a special person!


As far as she was concerned, this was just another normal working day: cleaning, tidying up and earning money for her family. But when she came in she saw that the house was spotless, so she started to wonder what she was doing here. She was told that there were other tasks that she had to do, such as preparing the house for a party the client gave that evening. This came as a surprise to Cara because it was not what she had expected. This was a pretty weird situation for Cara, but it just got crazier .. Cara was led to the kitchen where she came face to face with the famous chef Manny Slomovits. Her first task was to taste some of Manny’s food and decide if it was good enough to serve at the party!


Cara soon concluded that the owner of the house would probably be a celebrity. She could not, of course, reject this important task and began the culinary tasting. The chef served Cara several courses, including dishes such as lobster, steak and shrimp.


Cara was used to eating simple things like spaghetti instead of these gourmet dishes. She had enjoyed hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars of excellent food, and thought her day couldn’t be crazier. But her day was about to become even more surreal. You’ll see it on the next page.