Cleaning lady is hired, but soon realizes that something is wrong …

Not long after she finished eating, someone knocked at the door. Two masseurs arrived who would work at the party, and they asked if they could practice at Cara to ensure that their hands did not cramp during the party.


Cara could hardly believe it but decided to take a seat in the massage chair, as she could use some relaxation. After the massage it was time to return to reality and Cara was led upstairs, where she thought she had to clean. But when Cara came upstairs, she realized that this was not the case. She was told to clean up the customer’s wardrobe. Various items of clothing lay on the bed that were to be thrown away.


Cara was told that if she wanted to take one of the things for free, it was possible. Cara thought it was a strange case and started to think she might have been fooled. But nothing could be further from the truth, she was allowed to take the items of clothing with her.But then someone knocked at the door again …The surprises didn’t stop. There was another knock at the door and this time it was a mover who delivered boxes for the party. Cara was asked to help with the unpacking, but when she opened the boxes she was astonished. Cara was shocked, but the surprises didn’t stop there. See how this ends? Then quickly go to the last page.