Cleaning lady is hired, but soon realizes that something is wrong …

The moving boxes all contained things of her own, such as sweaters, photo frames and stuff like that. She asked the mover what was wrong, but his answer only led to more confusion. He said the boxes were for the homeowner, Mrs. Cara Simmons. Cara was now in a panic, what was going on here ?! The mover said she had to go outside. When he lifted the door at the back of the truck, Cara was surprised when she saw her children, her sister, and her niece.

It was a great surprise and something she hadn’t expected at all, but Cara still had no answers to her questions. Because why were her things in the moving boxes? It was then that the mover revealed his true identity. He stepped forward, removed his hat and introduced himself as actor and comedian Greg Benson.Cara was in a television show, a show with the aim of rewarding good people who sometimes struggle, but earn more than they have. Greg told Cara and her family that, despite being part of the show, no mistake had been made regarding the moving boxes. The house was from Cara! She was rewarded with a brand new house.

She could hardly believe it; she had never experienced this before in all the years of hard work. Blood, sweat and tears had been worth it right now. She no longer had to worry about where she could raise her family, because everything was arranged now! She was so grateful to the show, she will never forget this.