Clogged toilet leads to a surprising discovery!

Every once in a while, someone discovers an age-old mystery, such as something from an Indiana Jones movie. Whether it is an abandoned catacomb, archaic books, ancient treasures or something entirely different, these discoveries can help us understand history better. Usually archaeologists and historians dig up these discoveries, but once in a while very ordinary people sometimes also find some incredible relics. Take Mr Luciano Faggiano, a 60-year-old Italian man, for example. As he tried to fix his clogged toilet, Faggiano found something special. The repair was not at all as expected, even on the contrary . Because of his discovery, Faggiano had to alert the authorities and this would change his entire life forever …

Luciano Faggiano grew up in Italy and lived his entire life in the city of Lecce. Lecce unfortunately did not have the tourist appeal of cities such as Rome, instead the economy in Lecce was based on the cultivation of olive oil and ceramic production. When Faggiano grew older, he did not want to work in agriculture or in ceramics. Instead, Faggiano had a very specific company in mind, a company that would attract tourists to Lecce!

Since Faggiano was a little boy, he dreamed of running his own business: a successful Italian restaurant. While he had to save money for some time, Faggiano finally began to realize his dream. Faggiano looked at different locations in Lecce to start his restaurant. After a bit of searching, he found a location that perfectly matched his needs. Faggiano knew that he had to completely renovate the building because, like most other buildings in Lecce, the building was centuries old. He started this project in good spirits, not knowing that his dream would lead to the greatest adventure of his life. Are you curious how this will continue? You can read it on the next page.