Divers Find Mysterious Object At The Bottom Of A Lake

A team of professional treasure hunters recently met to try to fish up something from Lake Ontario that, according to locals, had been lost for decades. According to them, something huge had fallen into the lake in the 1950s, but nobody was able to figure out what this was at the time. The only thing they heard was a huge blow, followed by a splash. So the divers had a specific purpose: to retrieve up a mysterious object that had sunk to the bottom of the lake 70 years ago. Although it seemed a simple job on paper, the crew understood that it would not be an easy task to accomplish.

When the locals tried to contact the authorities in 1950, they received a rather strange response from their government. The authorities denied that something had happened! Although so many in the area had seen something big sinking into the lake, the government maintained that it was all a hoax or an animal. Although some residents accepted the story of the government, many did not. They thought it was a clear cover of something. After all, what had fallen into the lake from the sky was much larger than any animal. Plus, people around the lake had seen it – it couldn’t be a hoax!

Over time, the many stories of the mysterious object that had fallen into the lake became a legend. People started to invent stories themselves, the most striking story was that the government had shot a UFO out of the sky! A few locals, however, clung to the idea that the object was real. Perhaps it was a rocket or a submarine prototype, something that the Canadian government could have used during the Cold War. Stories of the mysterious object were circulating for decades among the local population, until the treasure hunters became aware of it and decided to investigate… Continue reading on the next page how they had approached that.