Family with 4 children has been living in an old school bus for years!

Small houses are trending all over the world. That is logical of course. Who wouldn’t like to live comfortably in an efficient, convenient and affordable space? People from all over the world learn to recognise the simplicity that comes with living in small spaces, especially with regard to the quality of their lives.

Meet the Earle family! This adventurous family decided to buy a big blue school bus to travel and live in permanently! The Earles had exactly one week to get their bus into a liveable state before they had to start their 8000 km journey from Florida to Canada.

They converted the whole school bus, which included stripping the bus and breaking down all the seats in it. Afterwards, new spaces had to be created since the family also has to cook and wash. Wondering what the inside of the bus looks like now? Then click on to the next page!