Man Thought His Garden Was Boring: You Never Believe What It Looks Like 3 Years Later!

Swimming pools are expensive and difficult to maintain, but it is certainly nice to have a place to dip your toes in the summer. This man decided that he wanted something bigger and more natural in his garden, so he embarked on a more than 3-year task of building an epic swimming pond in his garden, complete with fish, flora and waterfalls for the ultimate relaxing feeling.


Although he was totally inexperienced, it did not stop him. To give you an idea of the scale of the project, this photo was taken a few years ago when he started in the freshly dug up space. You now understand why the project lasted a total of 3 years.


And as you can see on this aerial photo, it was no small task! The pond is approximately twice as long as the house! His “conservative estimate” at the start of the project was a 60 meter long to 10 meter wide pond. An enormous rain shower stopped work early in the project, but it made clear how the pond would be filled naturally. Here you see the natural pond, which was filled too early (by accident) by mother nature. Unfortunately, this caused a considerable delay in the project, as he had to wait until the water disappeared again. After 3 months he could start again, the end was coming closer and closer.


He started the project during the Christmas holidays in 2013 and was well on its way in 2014. His wife and son even came to help with the project, they helped with the construction of the foil and the creation of sand. If you look at some of the early photos, you can hardly imagine how such a large project has succeeded. The most important thing was teamwork!


Adding natural boulders gives the pond a truly natural look. After a while, plants will attach to these stones, and fish and other aquatic animals will hide in between. But this is just the beginning! Are you curious how the story goes on? You’ll see it on the next page!