Man Thought His Garden Was Boring: You Never Believe What It Looks Like 3 Years Later!

But unfortunately the project was interrupted again by heavy showers and periods of bad weather! This filled the pond with water, while it was not yet necessary. But there were more obstacles during the project ..


Another major disaster occurred when they went to rain a dam to separate the waterfall from the swimming area. He says: “Never underestimate the power of water. If you look closely, you’ll see that I built the waterfall quite vertically.


I also made the mistake of placing the sand first … As soon as I tried to test the waterfall , it started well but within a few minutes the whole thing collapsed when the water found its way and undermined the dam. ” But again, he was not discouraged by mistakes and just started with a better plan. Now it was finally starting to take shape! He then took a set of stairs down to the swimming area, created a seating area on each side and began to decorate the area around the pond with vegetation.


As can be seen in the photo, the bed of the cattails came quickly. Water plants are needed to purify the water in a natural way. And admit, isn’t it beautiful? I would like to sit here on a nice summer day.