This is why you have to put garlic under your pillow

2. You get sick less quickly
Garlic is also a powerful antibacterial effect and can eliminate common germs before they make you sick. They can also shorten the duration of the cold. Researchers think this is because allicin is able to block two groups of enzymes that allow infectious microbes to survive in a host body. If you regularly sleep with garlic under your pillow, you can prevent pathogenic germ cells.


3. You’ll sleep better
Sleeping with garlic under your pillow is a good remedy for insomnia that has been used for centuries. It’s crazy to think that a scent can soothe as powerful as garlic, but it works. Smelling the allicin in garlic can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, so your rest really has a restorative effect. In addition to sleeping with garlic under your pillow, eating more garlic can increase your magnesium and potassium intake. These two minerals play an essential role in sleep by relaxing your muscles and producing a chemical called GABA. GABA is the signal from the body that it is time to calm down.


Prevents insects
If you’ve ever worried about a spider crawling in your mouth while you sleep or waking up with a lot of mosquito bites, you’ll appreciate having some extra protection under your pillow. Garlic is toxic to insects and they know it all too well, so if you have garlic under your pillow, it discourages them from going to you.