This Girl Finds A Secret Room In Her House, What’s In It Will Surprise You!

The old and wrinkled piece of paper was of course a treasure map! The little girl was overjoyed. She immediately asked her father to help her find out if this map was real and if they could find the treasure it seemed to promise. The little girl soon discovered that the old map was actually a map of her own house! She started (with the help of her mother and grandmother) to follow the trail on the map.

She followed the dotted line through the corridor and soon realized that the treasure would probably be in her own bedroom. She began to wonder what could be the treasure. Would it be gold coins? Like in all pirate films. Or would there be a treasure with lots of candy or toys? The whole family followed and, once they were in the room, she made an amazing discovery … On the map there was a big clue that told her where to look in her room.

Unfortunately she did not find a treasure chest yet, but she saw on the map that a secret room was hidden in her bedroom. But she couldn’t see a door or opening, how was she supposed to end up in this mysterious room? Was this a dead end? Or would there still be another entrance? Read it further on the next page.