Her Wardrobe Always Smells Nice, This Is Her Secret …

Sometimes someone walks past you and then you are simply blown away by the wonderful scent that comes from his or her clothing. The smell is not too strong, but not too soft either. How did that happen? It is possible that they use very tasty detergents or use a clothing spray to make it smell even better. However, such a spray does contain substances that can be harmful to the lungs, so why shouldn’t we make a natural variant ourselves to make our clothes smell nice? When I came across this tip online, I immediately became curious. And it is also very simple to make. On the next page you can see how you can easily make your clothes smell nice .

Because of course, nobody wants a foul or musty smell from their clothing. The most common cause of a musty smell in your clothing is often due to too much moisture or even mold in the wardrobe. A common mistake is also the use of too much or too little detergent. Too much detergent may mean that the detergent has not been completely washed out of clothing. That too can cause a nasty or musty odor. If too little detergent is used, the clothing is often not cleaned properly, so that the unpleasant odors get stuck.

Sometimes your clothes even smell musty once it comes out of the washing machine. And sometimes it smells fresh at first, but the clothes will start smelling later. This may have to do with a number of environmental factors. Are there people smoking in the house? Are you cooking with fragrant ingredients such as garlic or onions? Or do you have a lot of pets? These different scents can all penetrate into your clothing. Fortunately we have an easy and fun solution to make your wardrobe (and your clothes!) Smell nice. Curious? You can see it on the next page!