Homeowner stunned when hole in his driveway opens up to reveal a hidden secret!

Simon Marks lives in a normal neighborhood in a normal terraced house in Luton (England), or so he thought. Until one day he wanted to drive his car to work and suddenly dropped 50 cm in the ground. He couldn’t move his car.


When he got out to see what was going on, he saw that the car was stuck in a so-called sinkhole. And this was the start of a great secret that has been hiding under his house all the time.

sinkholes arise when the earth collapses. This can be due to the shifting of different earth plates, or when there is a gas bubble in the ground. Also, sinkholes often occur when it has rained for a very long time. The ground then moves, which will create a gap. Most people would find it terrible to have a sinking hole in the driveway. But Simon found it interesting and wanted to know what the hole looked like inside.


Simon said: “I was terrified at first that the whole house would disappear, I took some pictures and sent them to my father. When I lifted a few stones out of the way, I found a rusted ladder, I took my selfie stick and kept it in the hole, where I saw two rooms. ” He decided to ask his father for help and then crawled into the hole himself …

“My father saw it and immediately said it was an air raid shelter. We googled it and found that quite a few bunkers were built in this area, it is made of concrete lintels and is still in perfect condition.” Air strikes were fairly common during the Battle of Britain (1940), so many sturdy bunkers were built at the time for safety for residents. It really is a special discovery, Simon wants to keep it as a part of history and he finds it incredible that it was built by hand at the time.

Among other things, old drink bottles were found in the bunker between the mud and the dirt. But what he found most special was this old newspaper, which is still intact. Do you want to know what the bunker looks like? Then click on the video below in which Simon gives us an extensive tour.