Man lives in a house with a width of only 1 metre! The inside will amaze you!

Hidden somewhere in Warsaw, between two big apartments, is the tiniest house of Poland. The house is fully functional and people are able to live and create in it. At its smallest point, the house is only 92 centimetres wide and 152 centimetres wide on its widest point! Due to that, it is the smallest house in the world! You would think it would be impossible to live in such a small house, but writer and filmmaker Etgar Keret is quite satisfied with his little house!

The house has a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. It is quite difficult to cook, Etgar Keret says, because only two drinks fit in the fridge! But the rest of the house is quite comfortable. He especially finds the light and the privacy inside the house amazing. You will find the staircase in a small alley next to the house entrance! You can’t be too wide or too big for this house though, or else you might get stuck! But in terms of security, that is of course an advantage! Because this way, thieves won’t be able to steal a big television out of your house! Quickly check the photos from the inside of the house on the next pages, would you be able to live here?