Couple Buys New House, But Soon Hears Strange Noises Coming From Under The Bed

A couple from Louisiana had just received a mortgage. A month later they bought a beautiful house in that place. It was their very first home that they bought, so they had no idea what to look out for. Of course, something had to be done, but at first everything seemed fine.


But after sleeping in their new bedroom for a week, she was annoyed by a strange noise. She couldn’t figure out what it would be, but it sounded like it was coming from under the bed. Which was very strange, since there was nothing under the bed. The woman heard the sound coming from under her bed. When they moved the bed, they saw nothing.

But it soon became clear that the sound came from under the floor. Then they decided to call in a professional. In the end it turned out to be one of the most memorable jobs that Jeff Horchoff (pest fighter) ever had! Fortunately there was a small hatch in the floor, which made it easy to make this rescue a success. Horchoff had to be extremely careful when he opened the hatch. To be sure, he put on a special suit so that he would be protected from what he would encounter. With expertise, he managed to pull out what was under the bed and then put it on the table .. Nobody expected this! Wanna know what this was? You’ll see it on the next page.