Her House Always Smells Great And Nobody Knows Why … This Is Her Secret!

Sometimes you walk into someone’s house and you are just blown away by the wonderful scent. The smell is not too strong, but not too soft either. How did that happen? It may be that the resident has scented candles or uses a house spray to make it smell nice. However, such a spray does contain substances that can be harmful to the lungs, so why don’t you make it yourself and make a natural alternative? When I came across this video and saw that she made an air freshener for the home, I immediately became curious. And it is also very simple to make. On the next page you can see how you can easily and cheaply make your own air freshener for your home that is free of chemicals. Two versions will be demonstrated.

Because of course, nobody wants a bad smell in the house. The most common cause of a musty smell in the house is often due to too much moisture in the walls of the house or under the floor. How to solve this? The solution does not have to be difficult! But in addition, there are a number of causes of a bad smell in the house. Such as not turning on (or missing) a cooker hood when you’re cooking. This way the food smells stays in your house for a long time. Also, not throwing away your garbage bags on time causes bad odors in the house.