Her House Always Smells Great And Nobody Knows Why … This Is Her Secret!

All you need for a nice scent is a glass mason jar (preserving jar) with lid, a hammer, a fork, a screwdriver, baking soda and some essential oil. The video below is easy to follow and shows you step by step what you need to do to make it smell nice in your home. Now you can have one of those houses with an exceptional aroma that smells delicious! Don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook so that they can get started with this.

More tips for a breath of fresh air at home?
– Move still air by ventilating. For example, open the window for at least one hour every day. After you have opened two windows against each other for a moment, that musty smell is gone and it smells wonderfully fresh.
– Clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner regularly. A filter that has not been cleaned for a long time can spread a foul odor through your house.
– Check the drains in the house (bathroom, sink, etc.) and see if they continue to run correctly.
– Do not hang wet laundry inside to dry. Can’t you do it anywhere else? Then open as many windows, doors or ventilation grilles as possible to provide adequate ventilation.
– Do you have pets that shed? Wash your dog occasionally with dog shampoo. For example, dog hairs or hairs from your cat that end up under the couch or in a corner where you – do not regularly come with your vacuum cleaner create a musty smell.