This Man Turned An Old Ambulance Into His Dream Home In Just 4 Months

Some people might find it strange or uncomfortable to live in a vehicle where people may have died. But Michael chose to see the positive side of this story. “Yes, people probably died in this ambulance, but many people were saved, and I think that’s beautiful.”


After cleaning all the remaining blood stains on the floor, he removed everything from the vehicle so that he had an empty frame to refurbish. The first job? Making sure that the entire interior of the ambulance was covered with wood. Michael has used many different types of wood for decorating the ambulance. This is to ensure that the ambulance no longer feels cool, but rather receives the warmth of a real house. During the project he was often asked by people where he has the ambulance, because you have to have a lot of room to fix up such a car.

Fortunately, he had an acquaintance within his circle of friends who managed a so-called car graveyard. Here he was able to work on his project undisturbed without having to worry about the mess he left behind. After finishing everything nicely, it was time to make the ambulance cozy. Michael is very happy with the finished interior. It took a total of 4 months to complete this project. But Michael only worked on it during the weekend and in the evenings. He thinks that if he had been doing it full time, he would have finished the ambulance in one month. His purpose? First enjoying his new mobile accommodation. He hopes to be able to start a business in the future in refurbishing and converting vehicles to living spaces.

He has thought of everything. The old ambulance now has a double bed, sofa, TV, kitchen, bathroom and storage space. Ideal for traveling around! Micheal is very happy to do this together with his dog.