She puts a match in a flower pot, why? I should have known this before!

Most flower growers are very attached to the plants that they grow. They ensure that they plant, feed and water their beloved flowers in the right way. But sometimes, unfortunately, despite the attention and care of the grower, the plant wilt and die. This can be caused by the appearance of insects, lice or mosquitoes in the flowerpot. Although you cannot always see these harmful insects with the naked eye, you can still fight them with a simple trick.

But why do these insects end up in the flowerpot? This can have the following causes:

– Water excessively
– Poor soil quality
– Fertilization with the wrong substances

The solution? A match!

Take a box of matches. Place 2 to 4 matches with the heads down in the ground, slightly away from the edge of the flowerpot. Continue giving water and taking care of the plant in the usual way.

Leave the matches in the ground for a week and check whether the sulfur has dissolved. If that is the case, remove the matches and replace them with new ones. Repeat this procedure three times to get rid of the insects completely. Phosphorus and sulfur help keep your plant healthy and it nourishes the soil.