Mother Finds Hidden Space In Her Son’s Bedroom

A few years ago, Sarah and Steve moved with their 2-year-old son to a new home in sunny California. It was a beautiful family home and exactly what they were looking for. But when they started painting the walls in their son’s room, they came to a strange discovery. When Sarah pushed away a dresser (that the previous owners had left behind) in order to get better at the wall, she noticed a small door about 1 meter high and 50 cm wide. When they bought the house they did not see this on the floor plan of the house, so she was very surprised.

She pushed the heavy wooden dresser further to the side and tried to open the small door. But it was stuck because he probably wasn’t used for years, and who knows what would be behind this little door? Maybe it was a hiding place in the past, or it was just a storage room from the previous owners. But why would they deliberately put a cupboard against it?

Sarah became very curious and hoped that there might still be some valuable things in the hidden room. She decided to call in her husband Steve so that he could open the door with a screwdriver. Do you want to know what was behind the door? Then click to the next page.