Mother Finds Hidden Space In Her Son’s Bedroom

After ten minutes they got the door open and they could finally see what was behind the door! It looked like some kind of abandoned storage space that had not been used for years. Sarah was slightly disappointed because she was hoping for a hidden treasure. But the disappointment disappeared when she saw how big the empty space was. But due to the sloping roof of the room and the small door opening, they could not transform the space into a functional part of their new home.

They could remove the wall to make the room bigger. But that would cost a lot of extra money, so Sarah and Steve came up with a better plan. They decided not to tell their son anything and pushed the cupboard back in front of the door so that he would not see it. They wanted to surprise him for his 3rd birthday.

The idea was to create a playroom for their son. The space was perfect for him because he is still small. He could easily walk through the small door and he would not be bothered by the sloping roof. They had about a year to turn this space into a play paradise. Since the room was in a poor condition, this was still a challenge. A new floor had to be added and the wall had to be painted again. Are you curious about what the end result will look like? You’ll see it on the next page.