Mother Finds Hidden Space In Her Son’s Bedroom

They spent a year secretly redecorating the room. They worked on it when their son was in school. Steve has emptied the room, tackled the insulation and installed new drywall and a wooden laminate floor. He applied a fresh coat of paint in one of his son’s favorite colors, ocean blue. Meanwhile, Sarah worked on the decoration and collected the perfect items at Ikea. The room was finally finished, and it looked incredibly beautiful.

On their son’s third birthday, they gave him directions that led him to the secret room. When he finally arrived at the cupboard, Mom and Dad helped him to push it aside. Their son was very surprised and enthusiastic. Which kid would not want to have their own secret room to play and hang out in?

The playroom had a brand new wooden floor with a soft green carpet, clear blue walls, a large world map, toys, books and many craft supplies. Sarah’s surprise room quickly went viral. She says that her son likes to read and play with his sister in the treasure room. Sarah and Steve gave their 3-year-old son a gift, which he will cherish for the rest of his childhood.