Man Finds Mysterious Suitcase In The Basement Of His New House

The mysterious adventure of Chris and his wife started in 2014. At that time, the young couple had just bought a new house in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Like any couple, they were looking forward to filling their first home with many memories. Although the house had a decent structure, some parts just needed some love and care. The basement in particular needed a complete renovation, as it was very dilapidated.

When Chris searched the basement, he immediately realized that he was facing a real challenge. He might even have to hire a contractor. The basement walls were covered with graffiti and the wooden ceiling beams were completely warped. It was a huge job, but he wanted to make something beautiful out of it.

After he returned from the hardware store with all the material he needed, he started working on this project. He had hoped to be ready within 3 months, but he had no idea that his cellar contained a large fortune. During his renovations, Chris began to lower the ceiling of the basement. When he removed a few beams he saw something green, when he looked better he saw that it was an old suitcase completely covered in dust. It was clear that the person who had put the suitcase here did everything to hide it there to ensure that no one would find it. Chris immediately stopped working and took the old suitcase from the beams. Then he called his wife to come to the basement to share his discovery.

A million thoughts came to Chris and his wife when they found the case. Whatever was in it was clearly important. Moreover, although the suitcase was quite small, it was quite heavy! They discussed it and decided to open the case before contacting the previous owners of the house or the police.

Before he opened the case, Chris thought it was better to do it outside. After all, he had no idea what was in it. As far as he knew, it could be chemicals or something dangerous for the house. Once outside he opened the suitcase with sharp scissors, he could not believe his eyes when he opened it… Go to the next page to see it.