Mysterious Villa Has Been Uninhabited For Years, You Never Believe What They Find Inside!

According to reports, the mansion is owned by an unnamed rich owner of real estate who regularly buys large mansions and then expires them on purpose. Nobody knows who the current owner is, but why would someone leave such a beautiful home to his fate? The way the house was left is incredibly bizarre. It looks like the previous owners have left in a hurry. Because the interior is almost completely intact with cabinets full of shoes and clothing. There is also children’s toys and various furniture everywhere in the house. As if the previous owners did not have the time to pack everything.

Perhaps the original owners died or were chased away. But nobody will ever know. We can not deduce much about the former residents of this house, but we know that at least one woman lived here because she almost left her entire shoe collection in the bedroom. Based on the type of shoes she wore, we can assume that she had a very conservative style.

Her shoes are mostly slingback kitten, and peep-toe heels in muted colors such as pink and gray. There is no sneaker in the closet found, we suspect that she does not use the indoor tennis court often. It is also likely that they had children.

So we know that a woman lived in the villa, but she may also have been a mother. The interior is littered with things that only a child could possess, such as baby dolls and other toys. In the hall, at a large spiral staircase, a vintage pram is still in perfect condition.

This makes us believe that there may be more children in the house: a baby and younger children, perhaps even teens. The children were old enough to play with dolls and other toys. Click quickly to the next page to find out more about these children!