Mysterious Villa Has Been Uninhabited For Years, You Never Believe What They Find Inside!

Although we know that this was the home of several children, we also know that one of the children was school-going. On this photo you can see a suitcase from a boarding school. It was typical for wealthy families to send school children to a boarding school instead of going to a public school, that’s why they took the whole suitcase with them.

Probably this child was also often found on the golf course because this photo shows a carrying bag for golf clubs. Of course, an abandoned house would not be complete without a creepy painting of a child. Was this perhaps a portrait of the little boy who lived here? It gets much scarier. But photographs show that these children may not have been at the boarding school, but that they were being taught at home. The house was quite large, so there was a room for almost everything. This room shows three child-sized desks that are typical of modern home teaching.

Was the mother of this house a strict mother who allowed her children to study all day long? Or was she herself the teacher? There is also a library in the house and believe it or not .. almost all books are still in the closet! The family who lived in this house did not have the time to pack the books before they left, but they were absolutely a fan of reading. If that had not yet become clear from the classroom, which certainly shows that the family attaches great importance to education.

There is also a sofa so that family members can read comfortably. Over the years, some books have lost their pages, which are now lying on the floor, but the wood paneling of the room is still untouched. Even a whole ballroom has been found in the house, wondering how that looked like? Then click on to the next page!