Mysterious Villa Has Been Uninhabited For Years, You Never Believe What They Find Inside!

Although the mansion is only a few kilometers away from one of the busiest cities in the world, it is almost completely untouched by squatters. There is a strange piece of graffiti here and there, but hardly any part of the property has been damaged or destroyed by anything other than old age.

In fact, this gigantic ballroom is almost in perfect condition, except for a small spot of graffiti, crumbling paint and a cracked mirror. The family even left out the blue carpets, the floral window tops, chandelier, curtains and expensive piano wings. If you think this is strange, then you should see the tennis court. The indoor tennis court of the house is perhaps one of the most beautiful and weirdest pieces of the property. The entire ceiling is covered with gigantic windows.

Although this gigantic tennis court was probably often used and well maintained, it has now become a home for rubbish rather than a place of entertainment. Old tables, fans and debris from the crumbling walls are in the room. There is even an abandoned car? The complete house is a time capsule back in Victorian times, know why? Then click on to the next page!