Mysterious Villa Has Been Uninhabited For Years, You Never Believe What They Find Inside!

In this photo we see a rocking horse of probably one of the toddlers who wandered around the house. The horse rests between two vintage benches that are worn by the various weather conditions.

Although there are still curtains hanging in front of the window, it is not enough to prevent the chilling New York winter from entering the house. The floor is covered with a lot of snow, which reminds us that nature eventually takes back the property. But there are more special objects found in this house .. view it on the next page! When the house was built in the thirties, there were hardly any televisions. Instead, they had an abundance of musical equipment, which at that time was very expensive and special!

There are also instruments founds that look like accordions, and loudspeakers and a turntable! But why have the owners of this villa left so quickly?
Perhaps someone in the family has gone bankrupt, because a mansion of this size needs millions of euros to be maintained. We will probably never know the real story behind this house and why it was mysteriously left behind in the state it is today … Read more stories? Click on the next page!