Neighbors Smell Strange Odor, Nobody Believes What They Found

If you think you have annoying neighbors, think again. Noise pollution from a late night party is nothing compared to what the neighbors of a small village in Madagascar had to endure. It all started with a strange odor, but at first the residents of the neighborhood could not identify where the odor came from. But the smell became so strong that you could smell it in a large part of the village.


Everyone tried to ignore the smell, but at one point the smell was so bad that they knew something was wrong. The local residents went looking for the cause and ended up at an abandoned and uninhabited house. The neighbors came together and agreed to call in the police because they did not dare to go inside themselves. No one knew what to expect, but what was in the house was an even bigger surprise.

After receiving the call, the police arrived immediately, since they suspected what might be the matter. Because they often receive reports of a “strange odor”. They started investigating the house, but what they found was not what they expected, they had never experienced this. Because of the quiet reputation of the town where the house was located, the police had difficulty believing that the situation was the result of a possible murder. They decided to call Randrianjafizanaka, from the Wildlife Committee department, in case the smell was animal related. Arriving at the house, they realized that the sharp odor was something they could not identify. Randrianjafizanaka had no idea what it could be, so she prepared for the worst.

The abandoned house still looked pretty good from the outside. Everyone wondered why you would leave such a house to its fate. The police checked whether it might be for sale, but it wasn’t. They decided to go inside .. once inside it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. However, the smell was so bad that a number of agents got dizzy. They didn’t see anything suspicious yet, so they decided to look deeper into the house.

(Photo by Ed JONES / AFP) (Photo credit should read ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images)

Upon entering the rooms it became clear that the interior of the house was completely destroyed. Everything fell apart, there was no light and the ceilings and windows were covered with cobwebs. While they were still looking for the source of the odor, they noticed that the floor was moving. On the next page you can see what this was ..