The Reason Why This Woman Puts Tea Bags In The Garden Is Brilliant

Starting your day with a cup of hot tea is a routine for many people. It’s a nice way to wake up quietly while reading the newspaper or sitting at the kitchen table. But then most people just throw the tea bags in the trash bin, because what else would you do with it? Surprisingly, there are many things that you can do with these used tea bags, especially in the garden!

So keep reading to find out what you can do with these tea bags instead of always throwing them away in the trash! After all, if you drink a cup of tea every day, it will soon be 365 tea bags. So how handy would it be if we all started to recycle this in a useful way? That is also good for the environment.

Good to know.
Tea bags are biodegradable. Did you know that tea bags are usually natural and therefore biodegrade so they dissolve in nature? This is because tea bags are often made from the leaves of an Abaca plant. The Abaca plant is related to the banana plant and has very large leaves. Because the tea bag is made from a plant, it is simply absorbed by nature and the bag will eventually dissolve and turn into compost. But why is this useful? You can see that on the next page!