Renovation in an ice cream parlor results in a special discovery

If you thought this was a normal ice cream parlor, then you are wrong. Nothing is what it seems! Even in the most ordinary and cheerful places, treasures are buried.

When two construction workers were summoned for a renovation at a local ice cream shop in Vienna, they thought they had to remove old steel tubular piles and rusty pipes in the foundation. In its heyday, the store was in the hands of a beautiful couple who made a living by selling ice cream. However, the couple had died some time ago.

The men were hired to do some plumbing in the basement. As they moved into the basement, the workers saw some strange places and inequalities in the concrete. The workmen made a great discovery in that basement. Buried under various pieces of new and uneven cement, a large freezer was buried.

Why would the previous owners of the ice cream shop bury a freezer in the basement? The workmen were very curious about the content and started to crack open the freezer. When the workmen opened the freezer, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Was this a joke? Or had they just found a giant treasure chest.

In fact, there were twenty bars of gold in the freezer. At first they thought the bars might be fake, but when they tried to move the freezer, they started to think again. The freezer was so heavy that it was impossible to lift it in its entirety. They decided to remove the bars one by one.

probably the previous owners of the ice cream parlor had made a piggy bank in their earlier years and stored it safely in the basement. But no one knows how two ‘normal’ people got so much gold. Were the owners in the criminal circuit? Had they won a lottery? Nobody knows …