A woman puts a spoonful of sugar in her garden, why? We should all be doing this!

It might sound a little strange to put a spoonful of sugar in the garden, but it is extremely important! Why? Because of the bees! Bee lovers from around the world have been sharing pictures of the little creatures drinking sugary water from spoons after following a message on a Facebook page (dedicated to the Englishman David Attenborough). The message asked to help the bees with an extremely simple gesture: By putting a spoonful of sugar in the garden.

At this time of the year, bees often look as if they are dying, but they are far from it. Bees can get tired and they simply do not have enough energy to return to the hive, which can often lead to them being swept away, according to the Facebook message. If you find a tired bee at home, a simple solution of sugar and water can help the exhausted creature. Simply mix two tablespoons of white granulated sugar with a tablespoon of water and place the mix in the garden. There is even a new hashtag #savethebees! Do you want to know what else you can do to save the bees? Take a look at the next page!