Students buy a second-hand couch and make a surprising discovery!

We know that a thrift store can be full of great finds such as vintage clothing, valuable antiques, cool vinyl records and so on. But of course, there is also a lot of junk on the shelves. So much that it is sometimes difficult to find something valuable. In 2014 three roommates walked into a thrift store in the hope of finding a cheap piece of furniture for their student house. After searching for a while, they saw a cheap bench, although it looked like a piece of junk, it was worth much more than they initially thought.

The three students lived in the charming old town of New Paltz, located in the Hudson Valley in New York. Although they had been assigned an apartment, these friends were not exactly surrounded by luxury. Lara, Cally and Reese all went to college or recently graduated. The majority of their income went to rent and food, so any remaining money had to be invested wisely. One thing they all agreed on was that their apartment urgently needed new furniture.

The three people in their twenties walked into the local thrift store and inspected the large selection of banks. They came across some very nice pieces of furniture, but these would unfortunately not fit in their apartment. Only one bench in the entire store was the right size for the apartment, so the housemates had no choice but to drag home the oldest and ugliest sofa that the store had to offer. The bench cost only twenty dollars, so they certainly thought it was a bargain, even though it was ugly .. They decided to take it with them, not knowing that they would be faced with a big surprise … What it was? You can read it on the next page.