The 10 most illegal and secret places in the world!

You may think that you have already seen everything, but it will surprise you how many secret and forbidden places our world has! These mysterious places all have a special reason why tourists are not allowed here. They are sometimes too dangerous, protected or just secret. Are you curious? Then watch this list of the 10 most illegal and secret places in the world!

1. Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Norway

High in the mountains in Spitsbergen (Norway) is the world’s largest underground warehouse with more than 980,000 different seeds. Almost every country in the world has seeds of the crops that originally grew in this country. This warehouse is specially designed for when a devastating, natural or man-made disaster occurs. Countries from all over the world can request the seeds here to restart their agricultural production. The only people who have access to this seed bank are the staff at the facilities. If you are interested, you can do a virtual tour online.

2. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center – Virginia

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is designed as the safest place on earth where important officials can hide in the event of a national or global disaster. The gigantic complex has everything you can imagine.

From power plants and hospitals, to a police and fire department. There is also thought of enough recreation to pass the time when one should go here. So unless you belong to the most elitist people in the world, you will never see this secret place.

3. Bhangarh Fort – India

Located in India is the Bhangarh fort. It is a 17th century building full of mystery, myths and rumors. The stories that circulate are that people experience many paranormal encounters, magic and fatal accidents. Today, Bhangarh Fort is seen as one of the most spooky places in India.

The government has therefore imposed strict rules. During the day, visitors are welcome to view the fort, but after sunset it is strictly forbidden to enter this area. Locals say that tourists who break these rules will never return home. Continue reading on the next page!