This is what the house of Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston looks like

Below you can see how large the terrace actually is! And if we look very closely, we also see a large swimming pool in the right corner. Great for a pool party or just to lay in the sun all weekend. Can you picture it already? That you wake up in the morning and take a refreshing dip in the pool to start the morning well ..

“If I wasn’t an actress, I’d like to be an interior designer. I love the process of renovating homes,” Jennifer tells. “There’s something magical about choosing fabrics.” Curious about the rest of the house? (Believe us, you want to see that!) This is also a great place to sit in the evenings. Because Jennifer’s house has a view of all of Los Angeles, the view never gets boring. While enjoying the nature around you, you can see the bustling city life in the distance. We definitely do understand why Jennifer chose this house ..

And when it is a little cool outside (which is not very common in California) you can always sit on the covered terrace. And if it is really cold, the outdoor fireplace can even be lit! There is also a large television above, so you could even watch your favorite movie or series from the swimming pool, what a luxury!

The “zen” theme is everywhere, because of the natural materials used in the design of this house. The walls are covered with natural stones and many wooden elements. You will also find green plants everywhere in the house to get closer to nature. The theme “Bali” can be recognized in the bedroom! The Asian ambiance is reflected in the low bed and the warm colors in the lamps and pillows. The bed is so wide that it can easily fit three people! Let’s be honest, we all want to dream away here. “Sexy is important, but comfort is essential,” Jennifer says as she points to the soft, deep-pile carpet. We all agree with that.

Although Aniston’s career remains as great as ever, the life and home she has built up keeps her priorities in order. “There was a time when I thought there was something romantic about constantly having to move from one place to another. Now I am becoming more realistic, “she says. “I look at my dogs and our house, and then I realize that this is the only place I want to be.”