He Throws Coffee In The Garden And Burns It, The Reason Is Smart!

Burning coffee in the garden? That sounds like a bad joke. But no, we are serious. At this time of the year, in the summer, the insects are everywhere. While we sit in the garden in the afternoon, in the meantime we are completely punctured by mosquitoes and small insects. Of course there are many chemicals against insects. But they are not always healthy to breathe. That is why we have a natural alternative!

The trick? Roasted coffee ! Yes, it is a panacea. Very simple and yet very efficient. Roasted coffee keeps mosquitoes and insects away! How do you do this? Grab a plate and sprinkle about 50 grams (used & dried) coffee grounds.

Place the plate in a place in the garden where the most insects are and light the coffee grounds. Note: coffee burns quickly! Let it sizzle, it will burn and smell wonderful. Finally, enjoy mosquito-free evenings in the garden! Coffee grounds do not only scare away insects, but also other animals. Curious which? You can see it on the next page.