12 Year Old Builds Tiny Home For Just $1500


It’s no secret that building your own house is a difficult task. It costs a lot of money, time and effort. This story may inspire you: Luke Thill (12) was able to build his own house and only spent $ 1500 (around 1200 euros) on the entire project! He didn’t feel like playing computer games all summer, so he decided to do something else. He had seen a YouTube video online of someone else who had also built a Tiny House, which inspired him. He decided to try the same by building his own house (in the back yard of his parents)!

Luke needed a lot of materials for his plan, he bought these materials from his own pocket money that he earned by mowing grass and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. In total the house cost 1500 dollars (around 1200 euros). Thanks to his father, Luke has succeeded in building the 8 square meter house in a year and a half!

When it comes to financing, Luke was able to reduce costs by asking his relatives and acquaintances for unwanted objects. His grandmother gave him leftover wooden cladding and a friend of his uncle gave him a front door! “I loved the minimalism,” Luke said. On the next page it starts to look more and more like a real house.