12 Year Old Builds Tiny Home For Just $1500

Nature lovers will love this fun fact: the little house is made with 75% recycled building materials! Most houses are not as sustainable as this one. After all, it usually costs a lot to have such an environmentally friendly structure. The structure of this house is 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. It is fantastic that Luke could achieve this on his own.

The end result is amazing! Luke has covered the house on the outside with wooden plates and this gives the house a warm atmosphere. The details were also very important to him, for example there is a light on the outside, he painted the window frames white and gave the door a striking orange color. Curious about the inside of his little house?

What about the interior? It might surprise you, but it has its own kitchen with a counter! There is also a seating area with an ottoman, a TV hanging on the wall and a folding table. Impressive, don’t you think? In the video below Luke gives an extensive tour!